5.5 When placing an order, I get a payment error

The vast majority of incidents related to payments are usually linked to cards and payment validation via SMS or coordinate card. Another common incident is that the card that is being used is not enabled to make payments online, or if it is a prepaid one, it is likely that there is no balance available.

Payment by credit or debit card
Banks currently validate the payment via SMS or by logging into the bank's app. If you are going to make a purchase it is important that you have your mobile phone at hand to carry out said assessment. If, when proceeding with the payment, it tells you that you will receive an SMS with a code and you do not receive it, you must contact your bank and report the incident.

Payment with paypal
The most likely failure that can happen when paying with Paypal is that there is an error in Paypal's communication with our platform, once the payment has been validated. In this case, the order will remain in the status 'Payment through Paypal pending', so it is recommended to wait 24 hours so that we can review the payments received from PayPal, allowing us to solve it.

If the payment of your order has not been made correctly, your order will be automatically canceled so a new order must be processed.