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7.2 How to customize the Packs?

Stikets Packs allow you to choose text, font, color and icon, in the same way as clothing labels or adhesive labels. The distinctive feature of the Packs is that they include different types of labels: the largest ones that fit two lines of text and other smaller ones, with a single line.

That is why, as the Pack is customized, it is especially important to look at the preview where you can check the customization for the different products included in the type of Pack you have chosen, so the text that is entered in the The first line will be visible on all the products that make up the pack, while the text included in the second line will only appear on the largest ones: medium adhesive labels, tags, large adhesive labels, shoe labels, and wristbands.

If you prefer to indicate text on just one line, simply leave the second line blank.