6.3 How does VIP balance work?

With the new Stikets VIP Advantages program, you give a 12% discount to your friends and accumulate 8% of the value of their purchase in your account. You can thus use your balance to buy any discounted Stikets product.

The operation is very easy:

1. After your first purchase at Stikets, you will be able to access your account as well as your VIP benefits, where you can share either the link or your code with your friends. You can place your order at Stikets with a 12% discount.
2. When your friends buy with your code, they save and you accumulate money. 8% (without VAT) of the amount of your order is accumulated in your VIP balance.
3. You can spend your balance whenever you want. Place your order, discount your VIP balance in the basket and save!

Share your link or your code to your social profiles so that your followers save and you accumulate money in your balance.