4.11 How are conveyorized labels applied?


For a correct application of the thermo-adhesive labels with a conveyor, the paper must be carefully removed from the matte sheet beforehand. Apply the sheet with the text/design on the garment and cover with the baking paper received. Place the iron on top, making a few circles for 8/10 seconds, without any steam and with the tank/tank of the iron empty of water. Remove the transparent paper slowly so that all the text/design is integrated correctly. Reapply the silicone paper on top and iron again for 8/10 seconds. Once ironed, the labels are permanent and will hold up in the washer and dryer with no issues.


For a correct application of the adhesive labels with transporter, you must first remove the paper from the matt sheet carefully and apply the label on a clean, smooth and dry surface. Pass your hand over it a couple of times so that it adheres to the desired surface and remove the transparent label to the right with the help of a cotton cloth.

In this video you can see the application process.